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Soups and Starters

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Egg Roll$1.75

Shanghai Spring Roll$1.75

Teriyaki Beef On The Stick$7.50

Crab Rangoon$5.50

Chicken Wings $5.50

BBQ Spareribs$7.50


Egg Drop Soup$3.50

Hot & Sour Soup$3.50

Meat Wonton Soup $3.50

Vegetable Bean Curd Soup$7.50

Chicken Corn Soup$7.50

Seafood Ginger in Clear Broth$11.50

Main Course

House Szechuan Style

Grilled Lamb Chop with Cumin$21.95

Spicy Beef Grain$19.95

Chengdu Spicy Fried Rice$10.95

Spicy Diced Chicken Ding$12.95

Spicy Chicken with Chili$12.95

Chengdu Special Braised Pork$12.95


Shrimp with Broccoli$13.95

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$13.95

Szechuan Baby Shrimp in Chili Sauce$13.95

Shrimp with Spicy Garlic Sauce$13.95

Scallop with Mixed Vegetables$16.95

Ginger & Scallion Clam$13.95


Shrimp Duet$15.95

A combination of stir-fried shrimp & veggies with jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce.

Triple Delight w. Sizzling Rice$15.95

Sautéed shrimp, beef, chicken & veggies in a velvety brown sauce served with sizzling rice.

Szechuan Flavored Shredded Duck$15.95

Shredded duck with onions, red pepper in a chef’s special sauce & white flour pancakes.

Chicken Blossoms$12.95

Chicken breast lightly sautéed into blossoms with water chestnuts in a spicy kung po sauce.

Happy Family$16.95

Beef, pork, chicken, fish & shrimp sautéed with veggies

Salt & Pepper Jumbo Prawn$16.95

Prawn prepared in the shell, battered & fried with a warm vegetable salad

House Style Tofu$11.95

Tofu sautéed with snow peas, bamboo shoots, carrots & mushroom